The Ibiza Web3 ecosystem

We leverage the full potential of Web3 to promote the excellence of local businesses, support the artistic scene, and fulfill the expectations of tourists oriented to discover the most authentic Ibiza. We have created Ibiza’s first Web3 ecosystem that, counting on our utility token $IBZ, NFT marketplace, and IbizaPay mobile application, aims to connect local business and content creators with a global audience and significantly contribute to turn Ibiza into a “crypto island” by allowing increased adoption of blockchain technology.

$IBZ: the utility token with the essence of Ibiza

$IBZ is a utility token running on the Ethereum and Polygon Network that provides access to discounts, promotions, and other perks across our NFT marketplace and partner network on Ibiza. Furthermore, $IBZ holders have the opportunity to participate in the IBZ DAO by relevantly contributing to the ecosystem development and enter play-to-(l)earn and explore web3 games.
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IBZ NFT Marketplace: a new way to enjoy Ibiza’s art & lifestyle

Ibiza Token NFT Marketplace houses exclusive collections of renowned /breakthrough artists and brands of the island purchasable in $IBZ, $WETH, and FIAT currency. In addition to introducing remarkable artworks, our marketplace offers NFT collectibles working both as membership access to exclusive products, promotions, lifestyle experiences, and as tickets to join events across the island with special perks.

IbizaPay: easily access Ibiza Token

IbizaPay is a mobile application for iOS and Android that provides several key functionalities to easily enter Ibiza Token's ecosystem. Among its features, IbizaPay allows creating and importing wallets, buying $IBZ with FIAT currency through credit/debit card and bank transfer , purchasing and displaying NFTs, and directly using NFT tickets across Ibiza's venues to access events.

Ibiza NXT: Web3 and blockchain conference

Following our commitment to turn Ibiza into a 'crypto island' benchmark, we are constantly making efforts to educate citizens, companies, and institutions about the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology. In November 2021 we organized the first successful edition of the conference which focused on how to leverage blockchain technology to boost the creative economy and promote tourism and Ibiza’s entrepreneurial community. In its new editions, Ibiza NXT will continue to bring together international speakers and local representatives of industry, culture, and institutions to discuss how Web3 and blockchain technology can improve our lives.

Ibiza Token Magazine

Ibiza Token Magazine is an online publication that focuses on the different aspects of Web3 with the aims to educate those interested in this space and increase adoption both in Ibiza and internationally. From global to local Web3 topics in Ibiza, the magazine provides feature stories and interviews with artists, industry experts, project developers, and more.


Ibiza Token is a web3 community-focused ecosystem aimed to turn Ibiza into a “crypto island” benchmark by connecting local business and artists to a global audience and increasing the adoption of blockchain technology by citizens and institutions.