The crypto with the essence of Ibiza

Ibiza Token is an ERC-20 governance token on the Ethereum Mainnet, created expressly for and dedicated to the island of Ibiza. Ibiza Token leverages the full potential of blockchain technology by directly connecting the local economy with a broader audience in order to develop a new digital trade ecosystem based on non-intermediation, efficiency, and security.

Considering both the strong local ethos and the international appeal of the island, Ibiza Token aims to enhance the excellence of the place by empowering the business community and meet the different needs of a wide range of visitors, making Ibiza more suitable for all. In order to promote a more dynamic digital economic environment, Ibiza Token aims to operate as a habitual means of exchange and payment gateway within the Island and worldwide by growing in vision to a globally tradeable coin with full smart-contract capabilities such as liquidity pools, farming contracts and, AMMs alongside the benefit of a series of incentives within transactions with local businesses.

The first Decentralized Application born in Ibiza

Ibiza Token (IBZ) is a community-focused digital currency platform where local business operators and all the global Ibiza lovers can finally find mutual fulfillment thanks to a model of affiliation and exchange aimed to benefit both the local business network, by making it more competitive and wide-ranging, and all the island sightseers, by making them enjoy a perfect Ibiza experience. Besides being a habitual means of exchange and a decentralized payments and transactions gateway, Ibiza Token provides other relevant features such as earning fees and rewards in form of crypto for locking IBZ funds, converting fiat money and IBZ to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and accessing Ibiza Token governance where selected group of IBZ holders to propose and vote on changes to the IbizaToken protocol..

The Podenks collection

Podenks is a collection of 5.000 unique and randomly generated digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain and inspired by the Ibiza island’s native dog, called “podenco ibicenco”.


Token Distribution

Total Supply

  • Community and Rewards: 580,000,000 (58%)

  • Strategic Partnerships: 140,000,000 (14%)

  • Core Team, Advisor Future Hire: 100,000,000 (10%)

  • Reserve Pool: 80,000,000 (8%)

  • Early Investors: 50,000,000 (5%)

  • Token Sale Fair Launch: 50.000.000 (5%)

Find out the unique features of our App to fully enjoy the Ibiza lifestyle

Ibiza Token holders can access IbizaPay, a dedicated iOS/Android application that allows making payments and transactions through a personal wallet and a new prepaid card which is also easily integrated with other payment applications such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Furthermore, the IbizaPay App enriches the Ibiza experience of all the token holders by enabling them to join special deals across a hand-picked selection of local tourism establishments and discover music and art from the island in the first Ibiza non-fungible token marketplace by converting the application in a new social and entertainment medium.


Book your next stay in Ibiza by enjoying special deals and promotions on our handpicked selection of hotels, restaurants, clubs and, car rentals. Furthermore, you can use our holiday vouchers, redeemable against any existing or future booking, and join our rewards program, earning points and pay with them across our local tourism establishment network.


Use your personal wallet to securely store, send and receive Ibiza Token (IBZ), buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and shop in our Ibiza selected retail network. Easily set up and addable to the list of usual wallet applications, Ibz Wallet allows easily processing of secure and unmediated transactions, by matching a customer-oriented approach with the need to empower the local business and making them more competitive.

Art & music NFT Marketplace

Enjoy our art and music non-fungible token collections by DJs, musicians, and artists of Ibiza’s scene. According to the set preferences and the current amount of IBZ tokens, our non-fungible token marketplace highlights the best available DJ sets, music tracks, objects of arts, limited editions, and numerable items. Buying our numerable crypto-collectibles (NFTs) allows supporting our independent network of artists, DJs, musicians and access a series of private events aimed to develop a new crypto and music culture of the island.

Introducing our prepaid card
powered by Ibiza Token

Joining the IbizaPay App allows requesting our prepaid card, usable whether or not you are in Ibiza. Our prepaid card provides a wide range of options such as shop online and in-store, withdraw cash from ATMs and transfer funds to other cards, reload it with cryptocurrencies and points of our rewards program.

Using your smartphone to scan a special code upon your prepaid card allows you to automatically add it to the list of usual payment applications such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. In this way, you can directly take advantage of special deals, promotions, and earning points by purchasing in our network of retail and tourist establishments in Ibiza.

You can also receive notifications regarding the balance of points in our rewards program, promotions in the nearest retail, tickets for events, and information about your non-fungible tokens. All these features are seamlessly accessible thanks to the capitalization of the full smart-contract capabilities that surpass the vulnerabilities of DAOs.

General overview of the main milestones of Ibiza Token Project.

Q1 2021

  1. Company Setup
  2. Dev Ops
  3. Legal PA
  4. Website and Dapp Development
  5. Contract Deploy

Q2 2021

  1. Funding
  2. Listings
  3. Marketing
  4. Launchpad
  5. Uniswap Launch

Q3 2021

  1. Ibiza Partners announce
  2. Local Marketing and activations
  3. Crypto Marketing
  4. IbizaPay Development

Q4 2021

  1. IbizaPay Release

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