The first Ibiza’s decentralized application

Ibiza Token is the first decentralized application of the island of Ibiza born with the purpose of directly connecting local businesses and content creators with a wider audience in order to develop a more dynamic and sustainable economic ecosystem.

Our aim is to make Ibiza a truly sustainable place, finding a balance between economic development, welfare, and enhancement of the heritage of the island through the potential of blockchain technology.

The utility token with the essence of Ibiza

$IBZ is a utility token running on the Ethereum Polygon network that counts on full smart-contract capabilities such as liquidity pools, farming contracts and, AMMS alongside the benefit of incentives such as discounts and rewards within transactions on the first Ibiza’s NFT marketplace and local businesses.

$IBZ holders can earn fees and rewards by locking funds and access the governance of Ibiza Token by proposing and voting changes to the project.






General overview of the main milestones of Ibiza Token Project.

Q3 2021

  1. Partners Announcement
  2. NFT Marketplace Development
  3. Crypto Marketing
  4. Local and blockchain marketing activations
  5. First NFT Collection
  6. Blockchain conference development (Ibiza)
  7. Second NFT collection

Q4 2021

  1. NFT Marketplace Release
  2. NFT Marketplace real case uses
  3. Institutional and CSR partnerships
  4. Ibiza blockchain conference presentation
  5. Wallet Mobile App Dev and launch (MVP)
  6. New website development

Q1 2022

  1. New website launch
  2. NFT gaming dev
  3. Ibiza Token new radio platform dev
  4. Ibiza 2022 marketing campaign
  5. New tech partnerships announcement
  6. New local partnerships announcement

Q2 2022

  1. NFT Gaming launch
  2. Ibiza Token radio platform launch
  3. NFT marketplace tech update and new
  4. Booking Mobile App Dev (MVP)
  5. Debit card project dev