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meets Ibiza
11 November 2021
18 Speakers
Atzarò, Ibiza

Blockchain technology
meets Ibiza

The first edition of Ibiza NXT focuses on how to leverage blockchain technology to boost the creative economy, the development of local companies, and promote the island's cultural tourism. In addition, Ibiza NXT will introduce the first Ibiza's NFT marketplace, aimed at connecting local artists and businesses with a global audience, and the mobile application Ibiza Pay.



Ibiza meets Blockchain: introducing Ibiza NXT & Ibiza Token

4.00pm - 4.15pm (15 min)

  • Blockchain revolution. How this technology can change the world.

First panel - Blockchain revolution. How this technology can change the world.

4.20pm - 5.05pm (45 min)

  • Blockchain basics: The key things to know

  • Blockchain’s impact on everyday life

  • Blockchain use cases in various business sectors

  • Which industries will Blockchain disrupt?

  • Blockchain: legal aspects and use in the legal world

Second panel - Beyond the NFT hype: actual value and future development

5.20pm - 6.10pm (50 min)

  • Introduction to NFTs

  • NFTs: regulation and the law

  • “Living asset” technology

  • How DAOs can support artists and the NFT movement

  • NFT: from the marketplaces to the Metaverse

Coffee break

6.20pm - 6.35pm (15 min)

Third panel - How blockchain can benefit local businesses

6.45pm - 7.20pm (35 min)

  • What advantages does blockchain bring to SMEs?

  • How blockchain can protect products made in Ibiza

  • NFTs are a new opportunity for the development of local brands

Fourth panel- How NFTs can boost the creative economy development

7.30pm - 8.00pm (30 min)

  • Empowering artists through NFTs

  • Can NFTs bring back creative freedom to artists?

  • How NFTs can globally promote the creativity made in Ibiza

Aperitif & Networking


The Speakers

Ishan Negi

Polygon NFT/Gaming partnerships lead. Head of Operations at Polygon Studios. Part of FWB, mClub, DreamDAO

Francesco Paolo Patti

Professor of Law at Bocconi University, Legal Guild organizer for the DAO, Advisor for cryptocurrency projects

David Coleto

Bankless DAO core member. Treasury Guild organizer and NFT sales for the DAO

Alun Evans


Sebastiano Cataudo

Polygon contributor and advocate. NFTstudio Co-founder

Marco Moshi

Polygon DAO Lead, BanklessDAO core contributor, Labchain and NFTStudio co-founder

Paolo Giolito

Senior Wealth Manager Indosuez Wealth Partner Labchain, Business Angel in IAG, Club Investitori, A4I, Iban

David Garcia

Co-Funder & CEO NFTPriceFloor , EAE Business School

Alfonso Rojo

President of Pimeef ( Federation of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises of Ibiza and Formentera)

Mª Angels Mari Puig

Secretary-General of Pimeef (Federation of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises of Ibiza and Formentera)


CEO of Las Dalias

Pere Seguí

Management of Las Dalias

Cesar Mayol Serra

General Manager of Ibiza Botánico Biotecnológico and Ibizaloe

Jesús de Miguel


Marcos Torres


Rom Ero




Crypto Willy

Moderator of Ibiza NXT 2021 Educator & influencer around Crypto and Digital assets


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